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1. Which new film stars Ger­ard But­ler as a sub­ma­rine cap­tain tasked with res­cu­ing the Rus­sian Pres­i­dent from a rogue gen­eral?

2. What name is given to gnaw­ing mam­mals such as rats, mice, squir­rels and beavers?

3. Who wrote the mu­si­cal on which the Os­car­win­ning film Oliver! was based?

4. What is the world’s sec­ond largest ocean?

5. With what sort of ref­er­ence book is Peter Mark Ro­get chiefly associated?

6. Which Amer­i­can sport in­volves such skills as calf rop­ing and steer wrestling?

7. What is the cap­i­tal of Greece?

8. The sul­phate of which metal­lic el­e­ment is given as a ‘meal’ to pa­tients be­fore cer­tain X-ray pho­to­graphs are taken?

9. What was the Ro­man name for Lon­don?

10. In which English county is the town of Bas­ingstoke?

Q1 - Ger­ard But­ler

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