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CLT PAN­ELS are pre­fab­ri­cated to size in the fac­tory, with open­ings al­ready formed for win­dows, doors etc. They’re fast to in­stall, ac­cu­rate, air­tight and sus­tain­able, so they’re great for apart­ments.

DUR­ING THE DE­SIGN STAGES we took great care in po­si­tion­ing ser­vice pen­e­tra­tions for pipework and MVHR ducts so that these could also be pre-cut. With hind­sight, the pan­els can be coredrilled on site very eas­ily – so next time we would prob­a­bly do it this way.

WE LOVE OUR STOVE but we wish we had in­stalled a back burner to heat wa­ter and give us a free hot bath.

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