Pro­pos­als for ac­tive de­com­mis­sion­ing and mod­u­lar re­ac­tor boost site prospects:

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ANUCLEAR site could re­tain and cre­ate jobs for years to come if the goa­head is given to two pro­pos­als.

Union lead­ers last week met site bosses and work­ers at Trawsfynydd in Gwynedd to dis­cuss the fu­ture of the lo­ca­tion which is be­ing de­com­mis­sioned.

They were told that a pro­posal for ‘ ac­tive de­com­mis­sion­ing’ – rather than the site go­ing into care and main­te­nance for 60 years – could keep jobs on site for an ex­tra decade and cre­ate new roles. There were also dis­cus­sions about the po­ten­tial for a small mod­u­lar nu­clear re­ac­tor on site which could bring work for the next 60 years. A Gov­ern­ment de­ci­sion on this new tech­nol­ogy is ex­pected in the com­ing weeks.

Sue Fern, Prospect se­nior deputy gen­eral sec­re­tary, said: “Re­tain­ing and cre­at­ing high qual­ity jobs and skills in this area is vi­tal.

“The pro­posal for ac­tive de­com­mis­sion­ing could in­crease em­ploy­ment at the site and keep work­ers at the site for ad­di­tional al years,

“Bring­ing the mod­u­lar odu­lar re­ac­tor here could then cre­ate jobs here for 60 years. We will con­tinue to ap­ply pres­sure on the UK Gov­ern­ment. This site has a grid con­nec­tion, nu­clear li­cence and the skills in the area so this makes it an ideal site.”

TUC deputy gen­eral sec­re­tary Pau Paul Nowak (pic­tured) s n said: “Av­er­age wages in this area are £10,000 £ be­low the na­tional av­er­age, that is why se­cur­ing qual­ity, skilled, well paid p jobs is so im­por­tant. tan The work­ers and, we be­lieve, b the com­mu­nity are sup­port­ive of the pro­pos­als.” Ac­tive or con­tin­u­ous de­com­mis­sion­ing would see work­ers tackle re­main­ing de­com­mis­sion­ing work over the next decade rather than leave ra­di­a­tion to de­cay nat­u­rally. The Na­tional Decom­mis­sion- ing Author­ity said: “The NDA’s

ai plan is that Trawsfynydd will en­ter a ‘care and main­te­nance phase’, where all the mo­bile hazards on site have been safely dealt with and re­main­ing ra­di­a­tion is left to de­cay nat­u­rally over time, by around 2029 - with fi­nal site clear­ance sched­uled for the 2090’s.

“The NDA keeps its strat­egy un­der con­stant review to en­sure we have the most ap­pro­pri­ate de­com­mis­sion­ing plans for all the UK’s Mag­nox nu­clear re­ac­tor sites.”

Any change to this strat­egy would be sub­ject to sub­ject to UK Gov­ern­ment ap­proval.

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