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General Knowledge Quiz


1. In which English county is the market town of Mildenhall?

A Norfolk

B Suffolk

C Kent

D Leicesters­hire

2. In which US state is Cape Cod?

A Massachuse­tts

B Maine

C Pennsylvan­ia

D Virginia

3. In what year did the Jarrow March take place?

A 1926

B 1936

C 1916

D 1906

4. Who won the discus gold medal at four successive Olympics from 1956 to 1968?

A Nigel George

B Graham Stewart

C Michael Porter

D Al Oerter

5. What was the name of the evil doctor in Inspector Gadget?

A Dr Hook

B Dr Slash

C Dr Claw

D Dr Nails

6. Which 2019 number one hit song by singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran featured British rapper Stormzy?

A Cross Me

B Those Kinda Nights

C Galway Girl

D Take Me Back to London

7. Quick Draw McGraw, from an American TV cartoon, was which type of animal?

A Dog

B Horse

C Cat

D Sheep

8. By what name is the veteran left-wing Labour politician who was the 2nd Viscount Stansgate better known?

A Kenneth Clarke

B Tony Blair

C Peter Mandelson

D Tony Benn

9. What name is given to an ancient Egyptian amulet or seal in the shape of a dung beetle?

A Scarab

B Scab

C Scarex

D Scarothep

10. Which literary critic wrote The Great Tradition?

A P G Phillips

B R S Thomas

C F R Leavis

D T E Howard

11. What is a honey locust?

A A flower

B An African mouse

C A flying insect

D A tree

12. Who wrote the novel The Scarlet Pimpernel?

A Baroness Orczy

B William Thackeray

C Elizabeth Gaskell

D Charlotte Brontë

13. Oscar winner Frances McDormand is married to which film director?

A Joel Coen

B Peter Farrelly

C Robert Zemeckis

D Stephen Frears

14. Which naturalist and broadcaste­r presented the TV series Life on Earth and The Living Planet?

A Sir David Attenborou­gh

B Sir Richard Attenborou­gh

C Sir Henry Attenborou­gh

D Sir Francis Attenborou­gh

15. Which US inventor designed the Clermont, one of the earliest steamships?

A John D. Rockefelle­r

B Warren Harding

C William Sherman

D Robert Fulton

 ??  ?? Stormzy See Question 6
Stormzy See Question 6

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