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Unilever launches site to pub­li­cise ros­ter agen­cies

- By Si­mon Gwynn

Unilever is aim­ing to drive the adop­tion of its pre­ferred agen­cies by lo­cal teams with the cre­ation of in­ter­nal web­site The Agency List.

The site acts as a cat­a­logue of the FMCG com­pany’s ros­ter of agen­cies, with con­tact de­tails and in­for­ma­tion about each shop’s past work. It also al­lows Unilever mar­keters to leave feed­back about the ser­vices they re­ceive.

The plan is not re­stricted to mar­ket­ing ser­vices; sim­i­lar lists will be drawn up for ev­ery dis­ci­pline the busi­ness uses.

Unilever has asked agen­cies to pro­vide a sub­mis­sion in­clud­ing con­tact de­tails, a web­site URL, a staff pho­to­graph, a list of awards re­cently won and four case stud­ies demon­strat­ing the breadth of ser­vices.

Agen­cies can also pro­vide a short video to ex­plain their cre­ativ­ity, cul­ture and way of work­ing.

A source told Cam­paign that the move was partly mo­ti­vated by cost ef­fi­ciency, with Unilever keen to move as much busi­ness as pos­si­ble to shops on its pre­ferred agen­cies list.

But a se­nior fig­ure at one of the com­pany’s ex­ist­ing cre­ative shops broadly wel­comed the ini­tia­tive, say­ing it could ben­e­fit the agen­cies as much as Unilever: “You want your cre­ative work or your ser­vices to do the talk­ing but the fur­ther it goes be­yond your di­rect client, the bet­ter.”

The roll-out fol­lows changes made to Unilever’s mar­ket­ing op­er­a­tions last sum­mer. “Brand builders” in lo­cal mar­kets now re­port di­rectly to “brand de­vel­op­ers”, the global mar­keters in charge of brand po­si­tion­ing and strat­egy.

 ??  ?? Dove: par­ent Unilever is en­cour­ag­ing lo­cal teams to adopt ros­ter agen­cies
Dove: par­ent Unilever is en­cour­ag­ing lo­cal teams to adopt ros­ter agen­cies

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