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Head of marketing Qubit

Geri impressed us with the clarity and positivity with which she is mapping out her future. She chose the Code_in a Day course – the essential introducti­on to web technologi­es and the culture of innovation they enable.

With an ambition to become a chief marketing officer and leader in the tech industry, Geri wants to drive positive disruption and innovation to help brands get closer to customers through technology. As technology becomes more prevalent in our lives, knowing the basics of coding will become a necessary requiremen­t of CMOS, and these skills will make Geri more versatile and provide a pathway to the role she wants to achieve.

A driven and discipline­d individual, Geri became the Danish national figure-skating champion at the age of 13. This took hard work and dedicated training, but she believes that sport also teaches tenacity, self-control and discipline – qualities that have helped her in later life. Geri has lived in four countries, speaks three languages and thinks experienci­ng different cultures enhances the ability to understand people from every walk of life.

She is intent on opening up more networks and creating opportunit­ies for women to connect with senior leaders, providing equal access to assignment­s and broadening promotion criteria so that leadership is no longer characteri­sed by an archetypal aggressive management style. Geri is a terrific talent and an exciting future awaits her.

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