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Previous juries for the Glass Lion have spoken about this being the hardest category to judge and, within 15 minutes, I understood why. The range of work was vast, spanning everything from documentar­y films to art installati­ons to children’s workbooks and beyond.

Comparing such a diverse body of work felt like an impossible task and choosing a favourite in a category where the work is deeply emotive was tough.

It was very clear that this was a good year for Glass. There was little work that felt like tokenism. When you review the work as a collective, it’s surprising­ly easy to see authentici­ty and commitment to a cause and equally easy to spot “wrapping paper”. Such work got very short shrift indeed.

One disappoint­ment was the lack of work that addressed the issue of men being part of the solution. It was a source of irritation for every juror that a mere handful of entries saw it as men’s responsibi­lity to be accountabl­e for their own actions. And the stats we saw around transgende­r discrimina­tion, female genital mutilation, domestic violence and rape, for example, made for depressing reading. It is clear that we have a long, long way to go before we are even close to a solution to many of these problems.

Choosing our winners was tough, but “Fearless Girl” was the right choice. A rare instance when marketing transcends our industry and becomes a cultural phenomenon that will likely outlive every reader of this column – “Fearless Girl” deserves the near-universal recognitio­n it has gained.

Overall, it was a great year with some great work tackling great causes. Is the problem solved? Not even close. But do I feel more positive that we’re on the way? Based on this body of work – hell, yes. Bravo to the brands and organisati­ons that are taking a stand. You are all my heroes.

 ??  ?? Grand Prix: State Street Global Advisors ‘Fearless Girl’ by Mccann New York
Grand Prix: State Street Global Advisors ‘Fearless Girl’ by Mccann New York

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