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I’ll start by re­port­ing that the trend for sub­mit­ting press ads as posters is as strong as ever. “I re­ally, re­ally like it. But it’s a press ad.” A sim­ple enough phrase to learn in three lan­guages, if I’m ever in­vited back. I’m pretty sure it was days be­fore I saw a piece of work that re­sem­bled an ac­tual poster. That said, the win­ning cam­paign made up for the wait. Gold in ev­ery cat­e­gory it was en­tered, Twit­ter’s “Re­claim the hash­tag” yet again demon­strates that noth­ing has the abil­ity to shout “ICONIC BRAND” more pow­er­fully than posters that are this good. But 2017 will ob­vi­ously be re­mem­bered for “Fearless Girl”, also a Grand Prix win­ner. Mov­ing on from the tra­di­tional: “Pay­phone bank”, Colom­bia; “Meet Gra­ham”, Aus­tralia; “Boost your voice”, US; “Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks”, In­dia; “Air-ink”, Aus­tralia; “The conscious cross­ing”, New Zealand; “Give the rain­bow”, UK. Is “do­ing good” a trend? If yes, this army of ex­cel­lence is killing it. “Do­ing well by do­ing good” is now such a force that it will crush those that do not play a part.

Grand Prix: Twit­ter ‘Re­claim the hash­tag’, cre­ated in-house

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