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I’ll start by reporting that the trend for submitting press ads as posters is as strong as ever. “I really, really like it. But it’s a press ad.” A simple enough phrase to learn in three languages, if I’m ever invited back. I’m pretty sure it was days before I saw a piece of work that resembled an actual poster. That said, the winning campaign made up for the wait. Gold in every category it was entered, Twitter’s “Reclaim the hashtag” yet again demonstrat­es that nothing has the ability to shout “ICONIC BRAND” more powerfully than posters that are this good. But 2017 will obviously be remembered for “Fearless Girl”, also a Grand Prix winner. Moving on from the traditiona­l: “Payphone bank”, Colombia; “Meet Graham”, Australia; “Boost your voice”, US; “Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks”, India; “Air-ink”, Australia; “The conscious crossing”, New Zealand; “Give the rainbow”, UK. Is “doing good” a trend? If yes, this army of excellence is killing it. “Doing well by doing good” is now such a force that it will crush those that do not play a part.

 ??  ?? Grand Prix: Twitter ‘Reclaim the hashtag’, created in-house
Grand Prix: Twitter ‘Reclaim the hashtag’, created in-house
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