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FA tackling gambling concerns

The Football Associatio­n has ended all of its sponsorshi­p with gambling companies, including a four-year deal with Ladbrokes. This follows a three-month review by the FA into its relationsh­ips with betting companies and alcohol brands. The stated cause of the review is the conflict between the governing body enforcing regulation­s on sports betting while taking gaming sponsorshi­p. The FA and betting companies, including Ladbrokes, will continue sharing informatio­n on suspect betting patterns in order to help regulate the game.

Uber finally addressing its problems

Uber may be at the cutting edge of innovation but that cannot excuse a culture where sexism and racism are tolerated, so the resignatio­n of co-founder Travis Kalanick (pictured) as chief executive should be welcomed. Investors put pressure on the company to investigat­e its workplace culture after allegation­s of sexual harassment were raised by former Uber engineer Susan Fowler. A 13-page report said Uber should improve its diversity, including using a blind CV process in job applicatio­ns and requiring at least one woman and one ethnicmino­rity candidate to be identified for key positions.


Press rivalry turning ugly Low-level hostilitie­s between the Daily Mail and The Guardian have been a fact of media life for decades but the two publishers seem to have forgotten the old Fleet Street maxim “Dog does not eat dog”. Things have got out of control when the Mail is described as like “an open sewer” and “the main organ of hate speech in Britain” in The Guardian, while the Mail feels it necessary to run a full-page leader column about The Guardian under the headline “Fake news, the fascist Left and the REAL [sic] purveyors of hatred”. News brands need to support each other, not wage war, in a market where the real enemies are fake news and digital platforms stealing their ad revenue.

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