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The judging process was tough, as was making a shortlist with so many entries. It should be, though, as the awards can transform the fortunes of those involved. I was fortunate to serve with 14 other people who not only championed great work but were big-hearted enough to listen to other opinions. The category offered a wide variety of work, but there were a couple of common themes. Equal pay for women and lane departure for cars featured prominentl­y. Unsurprisi­ngly, the strongest category and the longest shortlist was for script. Radio truly is the home of the copywriter. In the end, South Africa dominated. The scripts were all of a high quality and I was envious of the sound designers working there. “I love radio” is something I hear UK creatives say all the time – and yet our offering here was poor in comparison. I had my favourites – and I’m pleased that they all won awards. KFC’S “Sad man meal” by Ogilvy & Mather Johannesbu­rg, the Grand Prix winner, is exceptiona­l – a great expansion on its win last year. As a jury, we felt a promotion brief rarely got the craft this spot delivered. Another standout was “Love song from a murderer”. We were unable to award a Grand Prix as it was a non-profit organisati­on but please listen to it!

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