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This year, the Titanium and Integrated categories were separated but judged by the same jury. With its first-ever 50/50 gender split, it resulted in a different conversati­on in the jury room. Titanium is a tricky one – much of the work is there because it is uncategori­sable, which makes for an eclectic body of work. So you ask yourself: is this a game-changer? To make the shortlist is an incredible achievemen­t. I was sent out of the room as Deutsche Telekom “Magenta” by Saatchi & Saatchi was discussed. The Channel 4 campaign was also hotly debated. Both sat on top of the contenders list for the whole discussion, only to miss out on one of only four awards to be handed out. With much heartfelt discussion, we selected the four pieces because of their impact. Kenzo found its way in because of the impact on the beauty category and how it spoke to women in a way that they haven’t been spoken to before – a liberated, expressive and powerful inner voice. “Fearless Girl” won the Grand Prix because its impact is undeniable. Integrated was tough because there was so much amazing work. Ultimately, the Boost Mobile campaign won the Grand Prix. It blurred the lines of media channels, knew its audience and spoke to them, and changed how the US votes forever. In these categories, the colour of the metal does not always do the work justice. The shortlists are definitely worth a peek.

 ??  ?? Integrated Grand Prix: Boost Mobile ‘Boost your voice’ by 180 Los Angeles
Integrated Grand Prix: Boost Mobile ‘Boost your voice’ by 180 Los Angeles

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