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6.30-8.30am, Mon­day to Fri­day, is my se­cret work weapon. At the end of 2016, Man­ning Got­tlieb OMD moved to Bank­side, South­wark, af­ter 20 years in Maryle­bone. The move was fan­tas­tic for the agency but not so good for my com­mute. For many years, I caught the train into Maryle­bone and, within min­utes, I was at my desk. As of Jan­uary 2017, how­ever, I was faced with an un­pleas­ant schlep across town.

At the same time, I had been com­plain­ing to my­self that I needed more time to think. So rather than con­tin­u­ing to fight the lack of time and the Ju­bilee Line, I de­cided to fix both prob­lems at once. I now have a three-stage com­mute that takes far too long but gets me into a more cre­ative and ex­pan­sive state of mind.

The first stage is my six-minute scooter ride to the sta­tion, where I drive as fast as my 400cc Pi­ag­gio will take me (which isn’t very) through the coun­try lanes. This pro­vides a use­ful shot of adren­a­line first thing in the morn­ing.

I then switch to Chief ex­ec­u­tive, the train, where Man­ning Got­tlieb OMD Jonathan Al­lan, Dave

King and I po­litely avoid one an­other

(it’s an un­spo­ken but widely ac­cepted agree­ment). I then im­merse my­self in

Au­di­ble, where there are end­less hours of in­spir­ing books to con­sume.

Then I walk from Maryle­bone to South­wark, which takes an hour but al­lows me to en­ter into an in­tu­itive flow of thoughts that of­ten leads to the an­swers and ideas that I am look­ing for. The link be­tween mind and feet has been un­der­stood for gen­er­a­tions and I would rec­om­mend ap­ply­ing it to any­one who finds their day is con­sumed by too much clut­ter.

By the time I ar­rive at Bank­side, I have al­ready had two hours of my most pro­duc­tive think­ing and learn­ing, and I have also burned some calo­ries along the way. I can’t think of a bet­ter way to start the day.

The com­mute home is a dif­fer­ent story but I’ll deal with that an­other time.


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