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Two experts pick their favourite out of home winners in what has been a standout year for the medium at the 2017 Cannes Lions Internatio­nal Festival of Creativity


“It was just right… OOH at its best: brave and fun and smart and timeless and simple”

& EVE/DDB Richard Brim, executive creative director, Adam

So I’m sitting in the Palais on the first night of the Lions awards in Cannes in June. And I am there to pick up a couple of the little roaring beauts for a piece of work our agency produced for Skittles. As the other winners are announced, I have a varying range of reactions – as one does – while sniffing the bums of the competitio­n. From “Da fuq?” to “That’s nice” to “No shit! ‘Fearless Girl’ won 97 Golds … and so it should.”

And then I saw “Pass the Heinz”.

At first, I thought: what’s all the fuss about? The art direction is old-fashioned and the line feels outdated. And then, at last, I twigged, and a huge surge of jealousy raged through my body.

For those of you who don’t know the idea, to prove the timelessne­ss and love that people have for its Ketchup, Heinz decided to run the series of posters that a certain Mr Don Draper and Co presented to that brand 50 years earlier – in season six of Mad Men.

Ugh, it makes me sick – mainly because it was such a gift, handed on a Mad Men-shaped platter with a side order of Lucky Strikes and a tumbler of Scotch at three in the afternoon. Why no one else – including me – had thought to do it is beyond me, which makes this campaign even more annoying.

Running the exact executions, nothing was changed one little bit – not even the stock and quality of the photograph­y, which was (to audience members in the know) slightly gimmicky. But then there was the wonderful co-credit, shared by David Miami and Stirling Cooper Draper Pryce.

It was just right. Wonderfull­y right, in fact. And as relevant now as then, because things are better with ketchup. This is OOH at its best: brave and fun and smart and timeless and simple.

While the smartarses in Miami plan what’s next, I’m off to smoke myself hoarse, down a bottle of single malt and be inappropri­ate.

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