TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO Fri­day De­cem­ber 3, 1993

Campbeltown Courier - - NEWS -

The case for the de­fence

The rift over the pro­pos­als for the fu­ture of the Claon­aig Es­tate grew this week - with sup­port for the Dan­ish own­ers be­ing voiced, but peti- tions emerg­ing at­tack­ing their plans. The pe­ti­tions are cir­cu­lat­ing all over Ar­gyll, and are due to be passed to the Forestry Au­thor­ity to­day (Fri­day). The Camp­bel­town Courier it­self has been flooded with cor­re­spon­dence both for and against the project. For­mer fac­tor Jeff Dun­lop, who spoke out last week against the plans, is the man be­hind the pe­ti­tions. Back­ing the own­ers, Alex Mac­Cuish, of Bruil­iun, Skip­ness, said: ‘I have spo­ken to quite a few peo­ple in the com­mu­nity, and we do not want to be as­so­ci­ated with the view that the new own­ers are bad stew­ards.’

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