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Sharing a feeling of duty and wanting to get the job done is what drives Alex


Alex Turnbull, 24, Reservist (3rd Battalion Royal Welsh), West of Scotland

A sense of duty drove Alex Turnbull to “enlist” in the vaccine rollout programme. A reservist in the 3rd Battalion Royal Welsh for six years, Alex has been responsibl­e for overseeing mobile PCR testing units across Scotland. “I’ve also been on the frontline to explain the testing process to members of the public. More recently, I’ve been managing the military support to the Scottish Ambulance Service,” he said. “You’re always ready to jump in when required. Given COVID is such a big issue I was more than happy to get behind the cause. I felt a sense of duty.” Alex is aware of the importance of the booster jab. “I’d encourage everyone to do it. “It’s the right thing to do to keep ourselves safe while working on the frontline. It’s also the right thing to do to keep other people safe. “Getting the booster is part of learning to live with the virus and part of getting our lives back to some sort of normal.” His role has involved transporti­ng ambulance drivers from one station to another, no matter what the circumstan­ce and his military experience is invaluable in this instance. “Even when there’s been thick snow and ice on the ground, we’ve always done the job (assuming it was safe to do so) – and got ambulance drivers to their stations on time. “We all share a sense of duty and a service ethos. We all want to get the job done.”

 ?? ?? SENSE OF DUTY: Alex Turnbull is helping keep others safe
SENSE OF DUTY: Alex Turnbull is helping keep others safe

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