Campbeltown Courier

TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO Friday April 25, 1997

Mixed feelings about ferry link between Jura and Tayvallich


Islay and Jura residents remain split over the proposed ferry link between Jura and Tayvallich because of arguments about likely follow-on effects.

Discussed for nearly 40 years, the link is currently being given serious considerat­ion following the submission of environmen­tal assessment­s to Argyll and Bute Council.

Providing an overland route to Islay through Jura, however, has forced a split between the residents on both islands. ‘Islay has lost 700 people in the last two generation­s,’ said Pat Roy of Islay, one of the supporters of the new link.

‘We have seen factory closures and are faced with the prospect of two school closures.

‘We are competing against other islands which have frequent ferry services.

‘A greater choice of ferries has worked for Arran, Mull, Skye and on the Outer Isles,’ said Mr Roy.

‘We want to see a low-key environmen­tally-friendly developmen­t and see this as a way forward for the islands’ developmen­t,’ he added.

However, the majority of Jura residents are against the proposal with two referendum­s both revealing a 2-1 consensus against the idea.

‘People here seem to feel the benefits are outweighed by the disadvanta­ges,’ said Liz Rozga, secretary of the community council.

Most residents said Jura was only being used as a stepping stone for Islay.

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