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Beautiful town but room for improvemen­ts


As a Campbeltow­n ex-pat, on a recent visit back to our lovely wee home town, I was having a walk along the front, down to what used to be the paddling pool, and a few things got me thinking.

Firstly, the paddling pool area and what a shame it is that it’s not used for something nice.

It’s a great spot in a beautiful part of town. Could it be used as an outdoor venue for small community events, as a picnic area or pop-up outdoor restaurant space in the summer, or maybe even a community garden or allotments?

Secondly, on my walk back from the paddling pool, I was thinking about how beautiful the town looks from that angle and how lovely it is to have that nice big green space with all the picnic benches and children’s play area, with the view over to Davaar Island.

It really is such a beautiful little town and I think I realise this more with every return visit.

On striving to get the perfect photo on a recent beautiful sunny day, I was thinking that the only thing that lets down that area is the very industrial-looking railings that run along the front.

Something more decorative would really make it picture perfect. It may be something that could be considered when the time comes for them to be replaced?

Well done to everyone who keeps our wee toon looking so beautiful.

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