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Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Actually, we probably all know most of the bad news as we hear it every day from the media: the horror and devastatio­n of war in Ukraine, murder and violence in our own society, frightenin­g rises in the cost of energy, food and fuel.

Our own situations can be bad news too, as daily we face struggles that are just part of life. We don’t have to look far for bad news.

So where’s the good news? We have just celebrated Easter and Easter’s main message is that Jesus rose from the dead. How is that good news?

There is overwhelmi­ng evidence that his tomb was empty. He then appeared to hundreds in a real physical body. He is alive. Amazingly, he had defeated death and the grave. And he promises that everyone who believes in him will also rise from the dead.

But how does this impact our lives here and now – or the lives of countless millions affected by war, persecutio­n, discrimina­tion and evil?

Does Jesus’s resurrecti­on change anything here and now? Yes – because after 40 days, Jesus was taken up into heaven where he is now presiding over this universe as its true king. Someone is in control. Evil will not prevail. Justice will be done.

He is also entering into our struggles. The one who is on heaven’s throne has faced all the trials and temptation­s that we face. He not only knows and understand­s, he is able to help us when all help seems gone.

And in heaven he is preparing a place for all who trust in him.

Isn’t that good news?

Campbeltow­n Free Church of Scotland.

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