Pilote Van V600G Premium


A six-metre Fiat Ducato with a transverse rear double bed – seen it a million times, yes? Well, certainly this layout isn’t unusual, but there are a few neat features in this Pilote Van to make it stand out in what is very definitely a crowd.

For a start, the latest Van models can have a full-height walk-through into the cab (with or without a sunroof). The rest of the interior, too, has an automotive feel and it lives up to the name ‘Premium’. The first real novelty comes in the kitchen, though, where Pilote has come up with a much better system than a little fold-up flap on the end of the galley. Here, the worktop over the sink slides, taking the end of the kitchen unit with it and even revealing a little extra hidden storage.

This is also a kitchen with plenty of drawers – five of them, including a built-in waste bin. Then, there’s the optional sort of tall fridge/freezer that you’d more usually see in a motorhome – all 141 litres of it. And, above that, is an optional oven/grill.

There’s more clever thinking in the washroom, where the bench cassette toilet slides away to make more room for showering. That there’s a separate showerhead and no clingy curtain are further pluses, while the washroom also gets a drying rail and an opening window. The washroom shelves have elasticate­d straps, too.

At the rear the mattress folds all-of-apiece to stow on the nearside for tall loads. And the bedroom has a comfortabl­e Bultex mattress measuring 1.80m by 1.33m, while moulded trim panels on either side increase the usable bed length to 1.94m.

Fact file

Base vehicle Fiat Ducato

Price from £48,450

Berths 2/4 Travel seats 4

Length x width x height 5.99m x 2.05m x 2.58m

Gross weight 3,500kg Payload 630kg

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