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QWe have a cruiser stern nar­row­boat. The stern deck is quite low and we strug­gle to see over the roof. We have tried us­ing a step but my wife keeps fall­ing off it. Do you have any ideas?


. Why it is dif­fi­cult to see over the roof? Is it, as you say, be­cause the stern deck is un­usu­ally low or be­cause the bow sits high in the water? If it’s the lat­ter then adding bal­last to the front or re­mov­ing it from the stern so the boat sits more level might be all that’s re­quired. But be aware that when you turn, the pivot point of the boat will have al­tered but you should soon get used to it.

Mod­i­fy­ing the boat is likely to in­volve costs so my sug­ges­tion would be to get a much larger ‘step’ made. Pos­si­bly two halves that se­curely link to­gether so it is eas­ier to lift them off the boat for en­gine ac­cess.

If the stern deck is below the level of the gun­wales (the side ‘decks’) you could have the stern mod­i­fied so the deck is level with the gun­wales. It would even be pos­si­ble to raise the stern deck even more but this may look odd and with ei­ther mod­i­fi­ca­tion, us­ing the stern en­trance into the boat is likely to be more dif­fi­cult.

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