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If you need to have a chat over the phone when you’ve just moored up, or want to send sun­set pictures from your boat to friends, noth­ing is more in­fu­ri­at­ing than find­ing you have no sig­nal.

OpenSignal can solve your woes: this app is de­signed to find free Wi-Fi close to you, or di­rect you to spots that can pro­vide a stronger 3G or 4G con­nec­tion. Sim­ply turn

on your 3G/4G and lo­ca­tion set­tings and OpenSignal does the work.

If you are think­ing of moor­ing some­where, you can also use the Speed Test to check whether you can run your on­line er­rands with­out dodgy sig­nalling no more hold­ing your arm out of the window for a bet­ter sig­nal.

OpenSignal is free on the Ap­pS­tore and Google Play.

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