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Keep your bilge clean and oil-free to pro­tect floors

If your en­gine bay bilge is dirty and full of oily wa­ter why not de­vote a cou­ple of sunny days to deal with it. It will then be far eas­ier to find dropped nuts, bolts and tools. It will also help pre­vent oily foot­prints be­ing trod­den into the boat.

Lay a white bilge blan­ket on any oily wa­ter to ab­sorb as much oil as pos­si­ble. Grey ones ab­sorb wa­ter as well. Some peo­ple use dis­pos­able nap­pies to ab­sorb the wa­ter but they can and do burst if not care­fully han­dled.

Pump or sponge the re­main­ing wa­ter, oil and muck out and spray the whole area with en­gine cleaner or de­greaser. Ag­i­tate with brushes, adding more spray as re­quired then rinse off with wa­ter and more spong­ing. When the area is clean al­low it to dry, abrade and de­grease the hull sur­faces and then ap­ply a suit­able paint sys­tem.

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