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QI have read your TB-Train­ing web­site giv­ing in­struc­tions re­gard­ing re­plac­ing the stern gland pack­ing. I have de­cided to repack the gland us­ing your ‘non stan­dard’ method i.e. us­ing one length of pack­ing. I am not clear which way to wrap the pack­ing round the shaft with ref­er­ence to the direc­tion of ro­ta­tion.

Could you please clar­ify.

For ex­am­ple: if shaft ro­tates clock­wise (look­ing from astern) when go­ing ahead then pack­ing should be wrapped (clock­wise/anti clock­wise.) STU­ART JONES


I am afraid I have never given a thought to that way of look­ing at it be­cause it is so easy to sim­ply wrap the pack­ing around the shaft clear of the gland. Then run your fin­ger round the shaft in the direc­tion of ahead ro­ta­tion be­tween a pair of coils formed by the pack­ing and see which way the pack­ing forces your fin­ger.

If your fin­ger is forced to­wards the gland so will any wa­ter. This means you got it right first time. If your fin­ger moves away from the gland then wrap the coils in the other direc­tion.

Un­con­ven­tional stern gland pack­ing - it may leak.

See tb-train­ uk notes for con­ven­tional pack­ing.

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