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I have just read your ar­ti­cle on the CRT wast­ing mil­lions again. The new sign, in my opin­ion, looks like a half filled toi­let.

The real prob­lem with re­gard to pub­lic aware­ness of CRT is that there are not enough signs. Chang­ing the logo is no so­lu­tion at all and com­pletely dis­cards all pub­lic aware­ness that there is at the mo­ment.

Many ex­ist­ing signs are too small, over­grown, and badly lo­cated. There’s plenty of room for im­prove­ment and you don’t need to be Brain of Bri­tain to work out what needs to be done.

From a boater’s point of view I have some sug­ges­tions:

Lock sid­ings and vis­i­tor moor­ings - ‘ NO FISH­ING’

Bridges and tun­nels - ‘GET OFF YOUR BIKE AND WALK IT THROUGH’.

It should be high­lighted with many more signs that cy­clists should give way to pedes­tri­ans.

I would also ap­pre­ci­ate signs say­ing ‘CY­CLISTS USE YOUR BELL’.

Fi­nally with re­gard to direc­tion signs, too many times I have dis­cov­ered the sign telling me which way to go at a junc­tion only when I am ac­tu­ally along­side the sign. This is crazy, par­tic­u­larly on rivers, as by then it is usu­ally too late. The signs are also of­ten too small and over­grown.

Lots of ways to im­prove sig­nage and get the logo seen. But chang­ing the logo? Has the CRT re­ally got this money to waste? This isn’t a good idea and won’t im­prove any­thing.

CRT surely has more in­come since the changes in li­cens­ing, so per­haps they think they can af­ford it. (Does any­one else re­mem­ber the con­sul­ta­tion that promised to be a non-rev­enue rais­ing re­view?) The av­er­age boater ( 57-60ft nar­row­boat) is 8 per­cent worst off. Also, CRT still doesn’t do any green con­ces­sions for hy­brids or other greener sys­tems.

See­ing money thrown away with hare-brained ideas like a new logo is crazy when there are other things so much more de­serv­ing. I could make a list – lock main­te­nance, im­proved dredg­ing but the dog needs a walk so I’ll get off my soap­box.

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