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Fears about the fu­ture of diesel, en­counter with a his­toric boat on the Weaver, are un­kempt locks putting off boaters?

Af­ter fol­low­ing Tony Brooks many ar­ti­cles on con­tam­i­na­tion of diesel fuel for ma­rine use, I was amazed to read the ar­ti­cle in

Canal Boat by Pe­ter Weide. It would be in­ter­est­ing to know what the fu­ture holds for this fuel and how the thou­sands of boaters will deal with it.

Just take this sce­nario, a canal­side pump at a re­mote ma­rina on a quiet canal arm. This per­son per­haps buys 5 to 10,000 litres from his sup­pli­ers and it takes six months to sell that amount.

Does the boat owner have to ask, how long has your diesel been in stock, and if he says four months, do you say no thanks I will try some­where else. Then on the other hand, if some­one like me used the boat only on a few week­ends, one two-week hol­i­day and not at all dur­ing the win­ter months, what state would that diesel be in?

No doubt there is a sim­ple an­swer, but if not is it a re­turn to petrol en­gines or con­ver­sion to elec­tric propul­sion, and why have gov­ern­ments al­lowed this change to diesel fuel. I hope this does not also af­fect my heat­ing oil at home.

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