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QWhen I en­gage for­ward drive first thing in the morn­ing, the gear­box works per­fectly well but af­ter about an hour it does not en­gage or is in­ter­mit­tent Re­verse works fine. I’ve checked, oil level, ca­bles and se­lec­tor move­ment they seem good, it has the clunk that seems to af­fect these gear­boxes; can you help please? MIKE HASTE

ATONY REPLIES: This ap­pears to be a me­chan­i­cal gear­box us­ing cone clutches with a de­gree of self servo en­gage­ment. That in it­self will tend to ex­plain the clunk on take up and I would not worry over much about it. My own me­chan­i­cal box of sim­i­lar de­sign has been do­ing for at least 20 years without any prob­lems.

Your symp­toms are fairly typ­i­cal of a worn ahead clutch cone. When cold the fe­male cone will have con­tracted so it can still grip, when it gets hot the fe­male cone ex­pands so may not grip. There may also be wear in the self servo ar­range­ment. What­ever the fault the box will prob­a­bly need strip­ping for in­spec­tion. How­ever just to be sure try op­er­at­ing the lit­tle lever on the box by hand with no ca­ble con­nected. If the box works prop­erly when hot it in­di­cates a mal­ad­justed ca­ble that has in­suf­fi­cient move­ment. This could be be­cause one of the outer ca­ble an­chors has worked loose or the trun­nion in the con­trol or the gear­box lever is worn or in the wrong hole.

Also make sure you are us­ing the cor­rect oil in the gear­box. This man­ual says use ATF (red au­to­matic trans­mis­sion fluid of­ten sold as Dexron).

https://is­­ta­ma­rine/ docs/tm­c60a-gear­box­op­er­a­tors-man­ual

Do not use en­gine oil in it. If the oil is not red then drain the box and re­fill with ATF.

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