Can­vas cover dos and don’ts

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DO pick a good day

Pick a day when you can be sure of good weather and you have enough time set aside to do the job in one go. Stop­ping part way through the process can leave ugly tide marks.

DO use the right prod­ucts

For the best results, check out our list of rec­om­mended prod­ucts. Don’t use wash­ing up liq­uid, sham­poo or any other ran­dom clean­ing prod­ucts as these are likely to dam­age the fab­ric.

DO make sure that your cover is cor­rectly ten­sioned

Badly ten­sioned hoods will en­cour­age rain to pool in your hood which can dam­age the can­vas.

DO reg­u­larly ven­ti­late your cover

Un­zip your hood to pro­vide some ven­ti­la­tion. This is es­pe­cially im­por­tant when cook­ing or do­ing laun­dry as this can cause con­den­sa­tion, mould and mildew and, even­tu­ally, stain­ing.

DON’T scrub too hard

Stained cov­ers might need a lit­tle ex­tra at­ten­tion, but don’t scrub too hard as this can cause dam­age to the fab­ric and threads.

DON’T rush it

Be sure to let the cover dry be­fore start­ing the re­proof­ing process as some stains will only be­come vis­i­ble when the cover is dry.

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