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First a timely warn­ing to all new or in­ex­pe­ri­enced in­land boaters. Soon we will be suf­fer­ing leaf fall and when we do, the leaves will pack them­selves around the pro­pel­ler. This causes a loss of speed, makes the en­gine strug­gle and may even make black smoke. When you stop to look down the weed hatch the leaves all float away so you see noth­ing. The trick is to put the boat into astern for a mo­ment or two each time it starts to slow down. That will spin the leaves off the prop.

Now a dif­fer­ent topic. Try­ing to un­der­stand what a reader means in a ques­tion can be tricky, es­pe­cially if tech­ni­cal terms are mis­used, al­though I al­ways do my best. If my an­swer does not seem to re­late to your ques­tion, please come back and ex­plain why. If you don’t come back or an­swer fur­ther ques­tions I pose, then I have no way of know­ing the prob­lem has not been solved. It is harder to di­ag­nose faults just from words, so photos al­ways help – but not via the Canal Boat Fo­rum. Please email the editor or send them di­rect to me, [email protected]­

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