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Name the fol­low­ing Eu­ro­pean wa­ter­ways: A nav­i­ga­ble river in Por­tu­gal The north­ern of the two canals link­ing Dublin to the Shan­non The river that passes through Prague The canal link­ing Padua to Venice A river that links France, Ger­many and Luxeum­bourg A Dutch river link­ing Utrecht to the Ijs­selmeer A French canal run­ning south from the River Yonne A Pol­ish canal fea­tur­ing five boat-lifts A canal that crosses Swe­den A river pass­ing through four cap­i­tal cities Fit your an­swers into the grid so that the let­ters in the coloured box spell out the name of an­other Eu­ro­pean canal

LAST MONTH’S AN­SWERS: Lighter, Trow, Star­va­tioner, Tub Boat, Puffer, Short Boat, Butty, Fly­boat, Tom Pud­ding, Wherry Putting the an­swers in the grid in the right or­der spells out the fi­nal an­swer: NAR­ROW BOAT

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