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Cap­tain Colin, a for­get­ful engi­neer with one leg and an in­jured arm and Yvonne, a stocky bol­shie ex psy­chi­atric nurse with spa­tial aware­ness is­sues em­bark on a cruise to Hen­ley on Thames in a home­made boat but end up on the mighty rivers and canals of Europe in a sel­f­re­stored Dutch barge. They are ac­com­pa­nied by their golden re­triever, an es­capol­o­gist called Bob. Not Go­ing Gen­tly is the story of Yvonne, Colin and Bob’s per­cep­tion of the chal­lenges they faced and the tears, laugh­ter and wine they shared with the peo­ple they met along the way. £10 in­clud­ing free postage & pack­ag­ing Tel: 0745 851 957 or yvon­les­[email protected]

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