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Name the fol­low­ing wa­ter­ways in the Midlands:

♦ A river that be­came part of the Grand Union sys­tem

♦ It leads to Lan­g­ley Mill

♦ Part of James Brind­ley’s ‘Grand Cross’ of canals

♦ It in­cludes a flight of 16 locks

♦ The sub­ject of a restora­tion project, and con­nected to a World Her­itage Site

♦ Orig­i­nally 30 miles long with no locks

♦ A river with lit­er­ary links

♦ A canal with a flight of locks called Ry­ders Green

♦ Two canals, a No 1 and a No 2

♦ It passes through Brand­wood Tun­nel

Fit your an­swers into the grid so that the let­ters in the coloured box spell out the name of an­other water­way in the Midlands

LAST MONTH’S AN­SWERS: Re­gents, Brent­ford, Stort, Slough, Lit­tle Venice, Lee, Bulls Bridge Royal Mil­i­tary, Med­way, Strood

Put­ting your an­swers in the grid in the right or­der spells out the fi­nal an­swer: TEDDINGTON

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