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QMy en­gine works but we have lit­tle propul­sion ei­ther for­ward or back­ward can any­one ad­vise co­copop


It would help if you said what type of boat, what wa­ters you are on and what gear­box you have so I can nar­row the pos­si­bil­i­ties down. If this is on a canal I would sug­gest that you check the pro­peller has not wrapped it­self up in some­thing. Nar­row­boats nor­mally have a weed hatch that gives ac­cess to the pro­peller. If you have a hy­draulic gear­box but NOT a Lis­ter one then make sure it has suf­fi­cient oil in it. Check the prop shaft has not pulled out of its cou­pling be­hind the gear­box. You in­di­cate that you have some sort of drive in ahead AND astern so that points to a fouled prop in the first in­stance. Any gear­box fault is likely give you one good gear un­less it’s low oil in a hy­draulic box. There is usu­ally some­thing called a drive plate be­tween the en­gine fly­wheel and gear­box. When (not if) it fails you tend to get no drive in any gear plus a hor­ri­ble clat­ter­ing noise for a while be­fore it to­tally fails. If it seems to be stuck in just one gear it could be a gear cable fault but not if you still have a lit­tle ahead, astern and a neu­tral. Find the lever on the gear­box that the cable is at­tached to, op­er­ate the con­trol lever and make sure the lever on the box goes fully to the ahead, astern and re­turns to neu­tral.

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