Bro­ken rear spring

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Big ve­hi­cles re­quire big springs, which usu­ally means it’s a harder job to re­place them. This 2006 Volk­swa­gen Touareg had just failed the MOT due to a bro­ken rear spring, so it was in the work­shop for a re­place­ment.

On this 4x4, this is a straight­for­ward task. The spring is con­tained within the rear strut assem­bly, which can be re­moved from the ve­hi­cle by un­do­ing the four bolts se­cur­ing the top bracket and the lower bolt in the strut bot­tom bush.

Once off the ve­hi­cle, the top mount is un­bolted to re­veal the strut se­cur­ing nut, and once the spring is com­pressed, this nut can be un­done and the bro­ken spring re­moved. Com­press­ing the new spring be­fore pop­ping it into place and re­plac­ing the strut top nut, the unit is then ready to fit back onto the ve­hi­cle. It is im­per­a­tive to take care when com­press­ing coil springs as a road spring un­der load can be lethal.

The road spring is fit­ted into the strut assem­bly, which is eas­ily re­moved from the ve­hi­cle.

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