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We are of­ten ac­cused of be­ing fit­ters and not me­chan­ics be­cause very of­ten a re­pair can­not be car­ried out with­out fit­ting a new part. This is not al­ways the case and quite of­ten we do man­age to carry out a re­pair with­out the need to sim­ply fit a new com­po­nent.

This 2001 VW Golf was in our work­shop be­cause the boot wouldn’t stay shut. The owner would slam it down two or three times be­fore the catch would even­tu­ally hold the boot hatch. His wife did not have the same ‘slam power’ and couldn’t get the hatch se­cured.

A sticky mech­a­nism was the prob­lem and if we had sim­ply re­placed the seized part, it would have re­quired us to pur­chase a com­plete han­dle to get the re­quired mech­a­nism. This would also have needed paint­ing to match the ve­hi­cle’s colour. How­ever, by re­mov­ing the hatch in­te­rior trim and gain­ing ac­cess to the back of the mech­a­nism, we were able to lubri­cate and ma­nip­u­late the stick­ing mech­a­nism un­til it freed off.

Now the boot hatch would se­cure when sim­ply pushed into place and no new parts were re­quired.

The pen­du­lum lever mech­a­nism was stick­ing and needed ma­nip­u­la­tion and lu­bri­ca­tion.

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