Spark plug re­place­ment

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When car­ry­ing out a ser­vice on this 2011 Skoda Yeti, we were re­minded of a prob­lem that oc­curred some years ago due to the closedup gap of a spark plug. On a lot of ve­hi­cles, the spark plugs sit in a deep re­cess, and the prob­lem oc­curred be­cause a trainee had been used to slid­ing the plugs into the re­cess, be­fore slip­ping on the spark plug socket and start­ing the thread by hand. The lit­tle rub­ber re­tainer in the spark plug socket quickly wears out with reg­u­lar use and, af­ter a short while, fails to grip the plug. The dan­ger of drop­ping the plug into the re­cess is that the end of the plug can strike the head and close the gap. In this case, al­though no per­ma­nent dam­age was done and the plug sim­ply needed re-gap­ping, it was time-con­sum­ing and in­con­ve­nient.

Spe­cial tools are avail­able to fit plugs, but like the in­sert in the spark plug socket, they do wear out. Our an­swer is cheap and sim­ple: a short length of rub­ber hose will slip over the top of the spark plug and guide it into the re­cess. When it wears out, sim­ply chop a short length off the end and it’s as good as new.

A short length of rub­ber hose is a cheap al­ter­na­tive to fancy spe­cial tools for fit­ting spark plugs.

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