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I have a 2001 Rover 75 with the BMW 2.0 CDT diesel en­gine, now show­ing 111,000 miles. It was run­ning fine when I last used it, but a week later it would not start – it was crank­ing over well on the starter, but would not fire. I checked what I could – such as the fuses – and op­er­ated the door locks with the ig­ni­tion key sev­eral times, but the en­gine would not fire. A mo­bile di­ag­nos­tics team checked it, but didn’t find any­thing wrong.

I checked for fuel in the line – ie, un­der the bonnet, fuel pump and fil­ter, etc – all of which seemed OK, but no fuel was be­ing de­liv­ered to the com­mon rail. I changed the camshaft sen­sor, but this made no dif­fer­ence. I have since talked to a cou­ple of Rover me­chan­ics and they said it could be the Bosch in­jec­tion pump, al­though this a pretty re­li­able unit. I be­lieve there is a valve on the in­jec­tion pump body that may ben­e­fit from clean­ing, but I have not touched this yet.

Up un­til this prob­lem, the ve­hi­cle was run­ning fine and not show­ing any faults on the dash. It has al­ways started first time, hot or cold, and has never been run low on fuel. It is well main­tained and al­ways garaged when not in use. Russ Bed­ford

You will ap­pre­ci­ate that if a me­chanic who has had the ben­e­fit of ac­tu­ally test­ing the ve­hi­cle has not been able to rem­edy the prob­lem, then it can be a dif­fi­cult task from a dis­tance. As you have had a mo­bile di­ag­nos­tic firm out, I am as­sum­ing the codes were read, but none was present. I'm also as­sum­ing that the fuel lines up to the high-pres­sure pump were full and that the elec­tric low pres­sure pump was work­ing.

From the in­for­ma­tion you have sup­plied, there are two pos­si­ble causes. The first is that an in­jec­tor is al­low­ing the fuel to by­pass it, prevent­ing suf­fi­cient pres­sure from build­ing up in the com­mon rail. How­ever, if this were the case you would have an en­gine man­age­ment light caused by a low pres­sure in the fuel rail. Nev­er­the­less, I would carry out a leak-off test on the in­jec­tors to en­sure this is not the case.

The leak-off test is done by plac­ing the leak-off pipe from each in­jec­tor into a re­cep­ta­cle. The leak-off re­turn should be blocked off, then, by crank­ing the en­gine for a cou­ple of min­utes, the fuel com­ing from the leak-off pipes can be mea­sured. The level in all re­cep­ta­cles should be equal, so if one is much higher than the oth­ers, this in­di­cates a faulty in­jec­tor.

As you have had no pre­vi­ous prob­lems and the fault ap­peared with­out any prior warn­ing, I would be sur­prised if the prob­lem was an in­jec­tor. The most likely cause is the high-pres­sure fuel pump. As you point out, there is a fuel pres­sure sen­sor and in­let fil­ter on the Bosch pump, which may ben­e­fit from clean­ing.

A non-start­ing 2001 Rover 75 may have prob­lems with the in­jec­tors or fuel pump.

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