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I’m try­ing to fig­ure out how to re­place the re­verse light switch on a 56-reg Shogun Sport 2.5 TD. I can see where the switch is lo­cated, but how do you re­move it? There’s al­most no space be­tween it and the car floor and there is a solid vacuum line on top of it, plus the vacuum line bracket is in the way and it al­most ap­pears to be re­cessed. Do you know if a spe­cial tool is re­quired?

Matthew Fliege

As far as I am aware, there is no spe­cial tool for the job. Here’s the method I use to re­place it. As you have seen, the switch is lo­cated on the off­side of the gear­box. The vacuum line that runs along­side is se­cured in two places on the gear­box – the front fix­ing is through the bell­hous­ing top bolt and the back fix­ing is on a bracket just be­hind the re­vers­ing light switch. Loos­en­ing off the back bracket is sim­ple enough, but ac­cess­ing the bell­hous­ing top bolt is dif­fi­cult with­out drop­ping the gear­box slightly. This re­quires the gear­box to be sup­ported and the cross­mem­ber low­ered. The top bolt does not need to be re­moved to­tally, just loos­ened off enough to al­low the bracket to move suf­fi­ciently. Rub­ber hoses con­nect the vacuum pipe at either end, so once the metal pipe has been loos­ened, it can be put aside to ac­cess the re­vers­ing light switch. As the box has also been dropped slightly, ac­cess to the switch is eas­ier.

This may seem like a lot of work to re­place a switch, but some­times the long way round is the quick­est. This way it is also eas­ier to start the thread on the new switch, avoid­ing the pos­si­bil­ity of cross-thread­ing.

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