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I have a Span­ish-reg­is­tered 2010 Mit­subishi Out­lander 2.2 DI. Re­cently, the ve­hi­cle stalled and, when it was restarted, went into ‘limphome’ mode and showed the en­gine fault light. Next day, the ve­hi­cle started and ran OK, but the en­gine light re­mained il­lu­mi­nated, so I took it to a lo­cal garage to have the codes read. I was told it was an EGR prob­lem, but the garage re­set the light.

So now I have a car with no real fault and no en­gine light, al­though it still stut­ters oc­ca­sion­ally, par­tic­u­larly at a steady speed when I lift the throt­tle slightly. I de­cided to try EGR cleaner spray and also ran some fuel sys­tem cleaner with a full tank of fuel, and this ap­peared to make a dif­fer­ence. The en­gine idles smoothly, seems to pull OK, the fuel con­sump­tion is pretty good at 30-35 mpg, and there’s no smoke or signs of a prob­lem. How­ever, it still oc­ca­sion­ally stut­ters when I lift the throt­tle.

Is this still a symp­tom of an EGR prob­lem or is there some­thing else likely to be caus­ing it?

Thomas Hills

The symp­toms you have do sug­gest a stick­ing EGR valve, es­pe­cially given the in­for­ma­tion from the fault code and the fact that things have im­proved af­ter us­ing an EGR cleaner. If the valve has gummed up, it may re­quire an­other treat­ment with the clean­ing spray to fully shift the car­bon that builds up and re­stricts its op­er­a­tion. In se­vere cases, it’s pos­si­ble the unit will need to be com­pletely re­moved to clean it ef­fec­tively or may even need re­place­ment.

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