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If the elec­tric power steer­ing be­comes heavy, chances are the Koyo ECU has de­vel­oped a fault (it’s in­di­cated by the fault code ‘C1554’). If you’re buy­ing sec­ond­hand, it’s eas­ier to re­place the whole col­umn (from around £60), oth­er­wise the ECU can be re­paired by the likes of BBA Re­man for around £175.

Be­ing such a light car – it weighs just 820kg – sus­pen­sion com­po­nents last well. How­ever, tyre wear has been an is­sue, as have noisy wheel bear­ings – they don’t seem to last very long on the Aygo.

Steer­ing com­po­nent prices PAS ECU

Main dealer £362.15 Re­man­u­fac­tured from £175.00


Main dealer £81.74 In­de­pen­dent from £59.99

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