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All Qashqais were sold with a 12-year anti-per­fo­ra­tion war­ranty, so any ex­ter­nal cor­ro­sion other than that caused by ac­ci­dent dam­age should have been re­paired un­der war­ranty, if it has ap­peared at all. How­ever, Nis­sans don’t have the best rep­u­ta­tion for rust, and the Qashqai, sadly, seems to be af­flicted by un­der­body cor­ro­sion, with sev­eral re­ports of 2007 and 2008 mod­els re­quir­ing weld­ing to the front sub­frame at MOT time.

The prob­lem is en­gine-spe­cific, too. The 1.6- and 2.0-litre diesels have big­ger un­der­body splash­guards, which seem to pro­tect the vul­ner­a­ble ar­eas far bet­ter. The prob­lem is usu­ally ap­par­ent around the bulk­head, where the rear part of the front sub­frame is mounted to the bodyshell. It seems that there’s a mois­ture trap here that’s worse on petrol and 1.5 dci mod­els, caus­ing the sub­frame to rot from the top down­wards. When in­spect­ing one, shine a torch into the en­gine bay be­hind the block and in­spect for ad­vanced cor­ro­sion on the top part of the sub­frame.

If you can be sure to find a solid sub­frame, the best op­tion is to clear off any sur­face cor­ro­sion and drown the area with rust­proof­ing wax.

Oth­er­wise, re­ports of body prob­lems are few and far be­tween, though some own­ers have re­ported leak­ing tail­gates. The prob­lem here is that the seals are eas­ily dam­aged dur­ing load­ing and un­load­ing. A new seal – a 20-minute DIY fix – nor­mally re­solves the prob­lem.

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