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I want to share some­thing I dis­cov­ered about the oil vis­cos­ity in the 1.33-litre en­gine in my Toy­ota Yaris. I bought the car new from Hills of Wood­ford, along with some Toy­ota top-up oil, which was 5W-30 fully-syn­thetic. Af­ter the first ser­vice, I queried why it had been ser­viced with Toy­ota 0W-20 fully-syn­thetic rather than the 5W-30 that had been rec­om­mended when I bought the car a year be­fore. All I was told was that Toy­ota had changed the spec­i­fi­ca­tion.

Last year, I took over ser­vic­ing the car my­self and went to an­other Toy­ota dealer for en­gine oil, only to be sup­plied with Toy­ota 5W-30, which I queried with the dealer. A pass­ing Toy­ota me­chanic over­heard my query and asked what I had been us­ing. I said Toy­ota 0W-20 and he con­firmed that it was the cor­rect oil for that en­gine. I queried why it had changed and he said that it was be­cause Toy­ota me­chan­ics had been hav­ing to change the pis­tons reg­u­larly on en­gines run on 5W-30 due to ex­ces­sive car­bon build-up. Ian Wal­lace

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