Part six: In the last in­stal­ment for this project, we re­move the tatty vinyl tint film and make a few fi­nal tweaks.

PART SIX: In the fi­nal part of our Fi­esta project, An­drew Everett car­ries out the fi­nal fin­ish­ing touches be­fore our muchim­proved 2009 model finds a new owner.

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Of all the CM project cars, this white Fi­esta seems to be the one that’s shot by re­ally quickly. It doesn’t seem five min­utes since we col­lected it from BCA Leeds at the be­gin­ning of the year and it’s given us no cause for con­cern.

Who­ever has this next will get a crack­ing mo­tor. Judg­ing by the prices these cars fetch, they’re as pop­u­lar as ever. The Fi­esta had a great start in life with an ap­pear­ance on Top Gear, where it was used for a va­ri­ety of tests, in­clud­ing a beach as­sault with the Royal Marines. It was hailed as the best car in class, a po­si­tion it seemed to re­tain for years. It was only re­placed last year with an all­new model, so had a good nine-year run.

So what has it been like to work on?

Some jobs are tricky – a cam­belt change is pretty in­volved, al­though we were pleas­antly sur­prised by how well ours had lasted after 100,000 miles – but re­plac­ing the dampers was straight­for­ward thanks to good de­sign. Any rust we found was purely cos­metic and due to owner ne­glect, so it’s an at­trac­tive own­er­ship propo­si­tion. And it’s worth know­ing that Ford spec­i­fies a life­time fuel fil­ter in the tank on its petrol mod­els.

We put on four new tyres be­cause two were in such a grim state. While we could have fit­ted a pair of match­ing Chi­nese Three A bud­get tyres (which are ac­tu­ally quite a de­cent brand), we opted for a set of new Avons at less than £200 fit­ted – great value when you con­sider just how good they are and how long they’ll last.

We also had our rear win­dows ‘det­inted’. Not that there is any­thing wrong with tint­ing, but ours was cheap and nasty sin­gle-ply film that was turn­ing pur­ple and had a few ar­eas of dam­age. It’s cheap enough to have re­placed if the next owner wants to re­turn to the tinted look.

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