Steven Ward looks at hy­brids.

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Fol­low­ing on from my re­cent trip to the auc­tions to see how Nis­san LEAF resid­u­als were hold­ing up (CM, July 2018), only to miss the sale due to the al­lure of a hot beef sand­wich, I thought I’d bet­ter make amends to read­ers.

I went along to watch three Toy­ota Yarises go through a fleet sale, one of which was a hy­brid. Al­though I’m a big fan of hy­brids, I’m not en­tirely con­vinced of the mer­its of the sys­tem in such a small car. Per­son­ally, I’d al­ways ad­vise buy­ing a British-built Auris hy­brid over the French­built Yaris but, for some buy­ers, size and com­pany car tax trumps other con­cerns.

At the sale, a flat red, 15-plate hy­brid Yaris Ex­cel five-door, which had cov­ered 28,000 miles and had a full Toy­ota ser­vice his­tory (FTSH), made £9700 plus fees. I thought this was a lot, al­though the book price was £10,250.

Next up was a metal­lic-red, 15-plate Yaris 1.3 Icon five-door, which had cov­ered 21,117 miles, again with FTSH. This was sold out­right to a bid­der in the hall for £6600 plus fees. Book price was £7100.

Is the hy­brid sys­tem re­ally worth an ex­tra £3000? You would have to do a lot of miles to re­cu­per­ate the ex­tra pur­chase price through petrol and road tax sav­ings.

Fi­nally, I watched a metal­lic red, 17-plate Yaris 1.3 Icon five-door which had cov­ered a pal­try 761 miles sell out­right on­line for £9050 plus fees. Which left me won­der­ing if you would re­ally pay more for a used hy­brid than a vir­tu­ally new car? I know which one I’d buy.

The an­swer pos­si­bly lies in the fact the hy­brid comes with what Toy­ota call their Syn­ergy Drive sys­tem, more com­monly known as a CVT au­to­box. For some, a good auto is worth a lot more than even the sweet­est man­ual.

‘Is a hy­brid sys­tem re­ally worth an ex­tra £3000?’

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