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I found this im­pact wrench

(https://bit.ly/2gjs68d) for sale on Ma­chine Mart’s web­site. How­ever, what I can’t un­der­stand is why Draper is list­ing the break­away torque as be­ing more than dou­ble the max­i­mum re­verse torque. Surely these are the same thing? In­ter­est­ingly, the prod­uct man­ual lists it as 1200Nm! An­thony Pat­tin­son Look­ing at the spec­i­fi­ca­tions, the torque set­ting is the same for­ward as back­wards and is be­ing listed as ‘max torque 4078kgf-cm/400nm/295 Ft-lb (+/- 10%)’. The break­away torque is listed as ‘850Nm/625 Ft-lb’ and this would be in both di­rec­tions. The break­away torque is a higher value be­cause it rep­re­sents the force re­quired to be­gin turn­ing a fix­ing from the static po­si­tion – this has to over­come the ini­tial in­er­tia, as well as the fric­tion of the sur­faces, which will be greater when the bolt or nut is in place. This ini­tial break­away torque will be de­liv­ered from the im­pact sys­tem within the unit.

As you ob­serve, the man­ual for the CIW20LISF lists the break­away torque as be­ing 1200Nm and I am un­sure why this is dif­fer­ent from the sales list­ing of 850Nm.

The Draper bat­tery pow­ered im­pact gun set.

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