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When start­ing my 2010 Ford Fu­sion 1.6 TDCI with 83,000 miles, the pas­sen­ger door closes cor­rectly, but I some­times get a warn­ing light say­ing it is still ajar. This ap­pears to be ran­dom, but oc­ca­sion­ally I get the same mes­sage when driv­ing over a par­tic­u­larly rough patch of tar­mac. The ‘pas­sen­ger door open’ mes­sage il­lu­mi­nates on the dash­board, a red light ap­pears and a buzzer goes off. The in­te­rior light comes on and the cen­tral lock­ing im­me­di­ately un­locks it­self when I try to lock it. Some­times I have to open and close the door re­peat­edly to get it to op­er­ate cor­rectly, other times a sin­gle open/shut suf­fices. No other doors are af­fected.

I have tried sev­eral times with the door open to re­pro­duce the fault us­ing a screw­driver in the catch and man­u­ally mov­ing it to the closed po­si­tion. Most times there was no prob­lem, but on a few oc­ca­sions I got the ‘pas­sen­ger door open’ mes­sage. Rock­ing the door/a-post con­nec­tions does not ap­pear to make a dif­fer­ence, so I as­sume it is a door catch as­sem­bly/wiring fault in the door.

I re­moved the trim panel and all the bolts round the in­ner panel, then un­screwed and re­moved the elec­tric win­dow mo­tor, ex­pect­ing the panel to come off. How­ever, it ap­pears to be held in the cen­tre by some­thing, al­though it did move ¼-½ inch be­fore I en­coun­tered re­sis­tance, al­most as if a bolt had been par­tially un­done and was slid­ing up the ex­posed shank and hit­ting the head. I can­not see any other bolts or screws which may be hold­ing it. The win­dow was in the fully closed po­si­tion. Richard Mid­g­ley As you sus­pect, hav­ing al­ready checked the wiring from the body to the door, the prob­lem is most likely due to a fault within the door lock.

The steps to re­move the trim panel are as fol­lows: first, the small plas­tic in­sert in the panel be­hind the door re­lease han­dle must be prised off, re­veal­ing the se­cur­ing screw. Next, the cover on the door pull han­dle should be de­tached to ex­pose the two door han­dle se­cur­ing screws. The small tri­an­gle at the top of the trim cov­er­ing the door mir­ror fix­ing then needs to be re­moved.

Once the trim panel se­cur­ing screws are ex­tracted, the panel can be de­tached by pulling the bot­tom away from the door and lift­ing the whole panel up­wards to re­move it from the top chan­nel. You should dis­con­nect the door re­lease ca­ble and elec­tri­cal con­nec­tions be­fore re­mov­ing the panel com­pletely. Once the panel is out of the way, you will hope­fully be able to gain suf­fi­cient ac­cess to check the wiring and, if nec­es­sary, re­place the door lock as­sem­bly.

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