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I am work­ing on a set of rear brake shoes on a 2005 Kia Rio 1.6 diesel. Can you tell me if there is a set pro­ce­dure to ad­just the shoe-to-drum clear­ance or has it got au­to­matic self­ad­justers when the foot brake is ap­plied?

Also, what are the torque wrench set­tings for the stub axle nut and the ad­just­ment pro­ce­dure? I might have to do the front as well. John Tott

You have iden­ti­fied your Kia Rio as be­ing a 1.6 diesel, but I can only find a 1.5 diesel listed and I am as­sum­ing this is what you have.

The front brakes on your Kia will be brake pads and discs. Ac­cord­ing to my data, the rear brakes should also be discs and pads, so you will not have to undo the hub nut.

If your Kia does have rear brake shoes then they are self-ad­just­ing. Pro­vided the mech­a­nism is free when fit­ted, the shoes should move out and ad­just when the brake pedal is first pressed after the drum has been re­placed. As with disc brakes when au­to­mat­i­cally ad­just­ing them by op­er­at­ing the brake pedal, this should be done be­fore the hand­brake is op­er­ated. The torque set­ting I have for the rear hub nut is 55Nm, al­though you should not need this.

I would also add a note of cau­tion that, be­fore start­ing any work on the brakes, you should be con­fi­dent that you will be able to safely carry out the work or have help nearby if you should run into any prob­lems.

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