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▶ In the past, the driv­ing test was purely a test of mo­tor­ing abil­ity. To­day, ev­ery­one tak­ing the test is ex­pected to have a ba­sic knowl­edge of ve­hi­cle safety and may be asked to iden­tify where flu­ids should be topped-up. One point that is not cov­ered is re­plac­ing the spare wheel. This may seem a sim­ple task, but not to the owner of the 2007 Chrysler Sebring 2.0 CRD that ar­rived at our doors.

The Sebring owner had suf­fered from a punc­ture and, as he was hav­ing a busy week, de­cided to fit his emer­gency spare to keep him run­ning around un­til the week­end, when he could get to the garage.

He ar­rived with the punc­tured tyre in the boot and asked if we could fit it once the punc­ture had been re­paired. He then pro­ceeded to tell us which cor­ner of the ve­hi­cle it needed to be fit­ted to. This was un­nec­es­sary, as we could see that the spare wheel that had been fit­ted the wrong way round must be the one that needed chang­ing!

The spare wheel had been fit­ted on back-to-front. Even more as­tound­ing, the owner had been driv­ing round like this for days!

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