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Some Su­perbs came with­out a spare wheel, just a tyre re­pair kit. In our opin­ion, it’s worth buy­ing a full-size wheel from a break­ers and fit­ting it in the wheel re­cess pro­vided. You’ll pay £90.07 for a new steel wheel at a dealer, but 17in steel wheels with tyres are sell­ing for £140 on ebay.

It’s been known for the ‘key’ not to be recog­nised with key­less en­try sys­tems and the Colum­bus sat-nav sys­tem isn’t that ro­bust. If the screen freezes, try get­ting it re­booted by a main dealer. An an­noy­ing rat­tle from the glove­box area is an­other Su­perb foible, but own­ers have yet to trace the source.

With the electrics, it’s been known for the wiring in the Twin­door ar­range­ment to fray on older mod­els, so if your rear lights stop work­ing this could be why. The latch mech­a­nism can fail, too.

Fi­nally, look out for bon­net rust where the badge fits, be­cause even rea­son­ably new cars un­der war­ranty seem to suf­fer.

Other com­po­nent prices

SPARE WHEEL Main dealer £90.07 In­de­pen­dent from £140.00 (com­plete with tyre)

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