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Lu­men To­tal light out­put per sec­ond. The mea­sure­ment tends to be used for bulbs. Lux The in­ten­sity of light, mea­sured as 1 lu­men over 1 square me­tre. This mea­sure­ment tends to be used by lamp de­sign­ers.

Colour The tem­per­a­ture at which a black body, when heated, emits a cer­tain colour, mea­sured in Kelvin (K). At the lower end is red, with blue at the up­per scale. Ex­pected colour tem­per­a­tures are: Stan­dard H7 (Halo­gen) 2500K

Ring Xenon5000 Styling Up­grade H7 5000K

HID Xenon from 4200-5500K (up­graded HID burn­ers are to­wards the up­per end of this scale)

LED DRL 6000K Ring Xenon 150 Up­grade H7 3700K Nat­u­ral day­light 6200K

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