Free­lance Ve­hi­cle Tech­ni­cians Are on the Rise

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Free­lanc­ing was once con­sid­ered some­thing which only mar­ket­ing, IT and ac­count­ing ex­ecs could do, but to­day this new way of work­ing is creep­ing across all in­dus­tries, with re­ports stat­ing that one in seven of us will be self em­ployed by 2020, and the mo­tor trade is cer­tainly not ex­empt from this. In fact, de­mand for tem­po­rary tech­ni­cians in the UK, to cover hol­i­day short­ages, sick­ness, and just the skills gap in gen­eral, is in­creas­ing at such a rate that there sim­ply LVQ∑W HQRXJK WHPSRUDU\ WHFKQLFLDQV DYDLODEOH WR ILOO WKH con­tracts. Garages up and down the coun­try are cur­rently fac­ing a GRXEOH HGJHG VZRUG VHQG WKHLU YHKLFOH WHFKQLFLDQV RQ WUDLQLQJ FRXUVHV DQG WKH\ ULVN HPSW\ ED\V EXW LI WKH\ GRQ∑W the pace of tech­nol­ogy in the in­dus­try is mov­ing at such a rapid rate, that their work­force will not have the right skill set to ser­vice th­ese new ve­hi­cles, par­tic­u­larly as elec­tric FDUV EHFRPH PRUH SUHYDOHQW (PSW\ ED\V FRXOG PHDQ D ODUJH ILQDQFLDO KLW WR WKH EXVLQHVV VR DV D VROXWLRQ JDUDJH RZQHUV DUH WXUQLQJ WR WHPSRUDU\ RQ WDS ZRUNIRUFH ZLWKRXW com­mit­ting to costly over­heads. %XW ZKDW∑V LQ LW IRU WKH WHPSRUDU\ YHKLFOH WHFKQLFLDQ" $ VWLQW KHUH DQG WKHUH LQ JDUDJHV PLOHV DSDUW" 1RZDGD\V QRWKLQJ is fur­ther from the truth. For those who want longer pe­ri­ods of em­ploy­ment in a garage or deal­er­ship close to home, the work is out there. The econ­omy thrives on sup­ply and de­mand and we are func­tion­ing within an in­dus­try where WKH GHPDQG LV KLJK EXW WKH FXUUHQW ZRUNIRUFH VXSSO\ LV strain­ing un­der the weight of it. )RU WKRVH ZKR KDYH DOUHDG\ EHJDQ D FDUHHU DV D FRQWUDFW YHKLFOH WHFKQLFLDQ WKH\ KDYH EHHQ RIIHUHG D QHZ OHDVH RI OLIH ZLWK PDQ\ FLWLQJ UROH YDULHW\ IOH[LELOLW\ DQG D JUHDWHU ZRUN OLIH EDODQFH DV NH\ DGYDQWDJHV 7KHUH LV DOVR JUHDWHU po­ten­tial to earn more as a tem­po­rary worker, at least £10k more than in the aver­age per­ma­nent ve­hi­cle WHFKQLFLDQ UROH 7KH EHVW DJHQFLHV ZKR RIIHU UHJXODU tem­po­rary con­tracts can also of­fer free state of the art man­u­fac­turer train­ing, so tem­po­rary tech­ni­cians have the IOH[LELOLW\ WR XSVNLOO HQDEOLQJ WKHP WR ZRUN ZLWK D ZLGHU range of dif­fer­ent ve­hi­cles and man­u­fac­tur­ers. The in­dus­try we are in is pro­gress­ing rapidly and highly skilled tem­po­rary tech­ni­cians are quickly re­al­is­ing their worth. They are grasp­ing each op­por­tu­nity which comes their way ñ and th­ese op­por­tu­ni­ties are com­ing through in DEXQGDQFH

To­day many tech­ni­cians pre­fer con­tract­ing. They see it as an op­por­tu­nity to up­skill, max­imise earn­ings and gain con­trol of their work-life bal­ance.

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